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Park Crystal has added TAP N EXPLORE technology to our innovative, paperless, smart-parking system for on demand parking. For non-pass holders, QR codes and payment stations are located in all paid parking lots. Make a RESERVE N SKI parking reservation, scan the QR code or use the payment station to pay with a credit card.


Try our latest contactless technology to pay for ON DEMAND parking.

  1. Make a RESERVE N SKI parking reservation

  2. Park – note the name of the lot

  3. Scan QR code for the same lot

  4. Enter CC info and coupon code if applicable

  5. Go Play in the snow!

* Please do not pay until you are parked in a parking space.

* There is a 20 cent convenience fee added to your payment per transaction.


1. Make a RESERVE N SKI parking reservation. 2. Park your car in a designated space. 3. Take a pic of the QR code OR scan one of the QR code signs around the lot. 4. Enter CC info and coupon code if applicable. 5. Go play in the snow!

rules and rates

Paid parking is required by non-pass holders in our lots on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the ski season, effective Monday, December 26th until February 20th. These are peak days when we encourage carpooling or riding the free shuttle from Enumclaw. Parking is free all other days and still first come, first serve. Parking is included with the purchase of a season pass. Parking reservations are required Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays for all guests until 12pm.


Flat Rate of $20 Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

*Payment is required on the following holidays: December 26 - January 1, January 16, February 20. These weekday holidays will be treated as Saturdays in terms of rates and shuttle times.

**Carpools of 4+ people will be checked upon arrival by attendants and allowed access to the dedicated (fenced) parking area located at the upper portion of the lower ‘C’ lot.

Priority morning shuttle for carpoolers will run 7am-10am for fast access from the carpool area of C Lot to the base. Return access to the carpool area can be by skiing/riding or by normal shuttle service.

QR Code

enumclaw shuttle bus


Shuttle bus transportation will be available from the Enumclaw Expo Center to Crystal Mountain on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays starting December 26th, 2022. Shuttle bus transportation will be available the holiday week, Dec 26 through Jan 1. Free parking in Enumclaw is located in the fenced area of the South parking lot of the Enumclaw Expo Center. The shuttle pick-up location is a short walk from there.

All shuttle buses are free of charge and will be first come, first serve until further notice.



*Schedules denote availability of shuttles at that approximate time period. Actual departures may vary by 30 minutes based on the number of passengers on board, road conditions, and weather. The last return shuttles leave Crystal at 5 pm. Passengers will be informed of any departure time changes by 5 pm the day prior to their scheduled bus ride.

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